Category Management 2.0


Category management was a rising star of retail in the 1990s. Putting customers in the focus, seeking win-win collaborations between retailers and category captains (suppliers) and especially taming increasing quantities of new-coming products which customers easily bought in more and more meters of shelf space, it became so powerful that most retailers reorganized its whole retail management operations around the concept.

Then came digitalization of the world that brought tremendous changes in retail.  New shopping habits, long assortment tail of internet, mobile phones with exploding new data sources all challenged category management. Plus discounters. Not to mention covid. In this fast-changing world category management with its routines, complicated processes, heavily specialized software and its attachment to past data became a burden.

Mark Taylor summarized the situation in comparing the process to a corpse in his booklet “Who Killed Category Management”.

The time is ripe to put the process into new perspective and find the way to a much lighter framework suitable for new conditions. Category Management 2.0. By learning through play and finding solutions to 12 key challenges together with our participants we’ll do just that.


Retailers that already use Category Management will get fresh knowledge that could help them solve real-life problems. Together we’ll get to know principles that work and try to envigorate processes and make them suitable for today.

Suppliers will discover opportunities that new situation brings to them.

Craft suppliers will get to know processes that impact the behaviour of retail giants and find tactics plus strategies that could work really well for them in new conditions.

Independent retailers will learn how to implement a light version of the framework without stifling their initiative.

We can provide some seats for students and others interested in the functioning of modern retail.


We promote learning by playing. Providing an environment where mistakes are taken as necessary to step forward. Different solutions for particular problems will be found in a workshop environment.


This is a course with workshop elements.

It is built around approaching 12 key challenges of today’s category management.

Modules that provide 360 degrees view of the field could be tailored for specific purposes of our participants.


Send us an initial mail to We’ll be glad to answer all possible questions and provide further information with PDF promotional booklet.