You can’t see it or even touch it and, yet, it’s the most flexible, the most mobile, the most powerful, the most brilliant of all the assets. An unbeatable link between today and the future. Fluid enough to react even in times of huge turmoils, solid enough to provide a steady drive forward.

No other investment can have such a profound impact on any organization.

Question: What is it?

(The answer: Knowledge)

1. Leverages for succesful store spaces from tip to toe

The organization of retail spaces crucially impacts store success. Learn to prepare tactically sophisticated store layouts that connect your retail strategy with customers’ expectations. #leverages are the synthesis of best practices, experience, insights, and our own unique in-store research for successful stores.

We focus on implementing #leverages on a pilot store which will finally serve as a springboard for a successful store chain.

2. Category Management 2.0

Category management is far from dead. It’s still the best framework retail organizations have to capture their offer, tactics, strategy, and shopper psychology under one umbrella. That said, in digital times, category management needs an overhaul to provide business value (less inventory, higher sales, customer satisfaction). Swift category management is the answer. It blends 8-step cat man process with agile principles of the project leading where flexibility is key. It’s necessary to complement past data with innovative offers. Last and not least, shoppers don’t buy categories but solutions to their shopping motives.

3. Store Format Development – From Analysis to Innovation

New store formats are summaries of today’s best practices but also a step into an unknown. On one hand, a good analysis of past data and customer patterns provides a solid ground for creating the right offers. On the other hand, store formats should properly frame the future expectations of the customers. Our workshop combines analytical powers and imagination through the creation of key shopping personas. Step by step your team will come to a pilot store, a great playground for the new store formats of tomorrow.

4. Visual Merchandising For Changed Shopper Habits

Online shopping thrives and physical stores need to react. Changed habits of the shoppers call for the refreshment of visual merchandising and planogramming rules and practices. Learn how to simplify navigation, ease up customers’ decision-making and improve tactics for bigger basket size.

5. Find the path to successful innovations

This workshop is an outlier. Innovations are necessary for gaining incremental business value in the fast-changing digital world. But too many innovations get lost in the chaos of creation and imagination. Could the failures of the organizations be reduced or even avoided at all? Yes. With the help of ancient fairy tale wisdom and steering of creative people who innovate on daily basis.

6. Category Catalyst Week: Igniting Retail Innovation

Invite me and you’ll get SWOT analysis, roadmap for the category management transformative experiments, and 7 sparkling insights for fresh growth.

Plus: a dedicated retail innovation thinker and practitioner willing to discuss your business opportunities with you for a whole week.

The 1-Week Programme:

1. Strategic Store Insights: Discovery Expedition of 2 Stores of your choice

2. Trend Trek Seminar: 2-3 Hours of Immersive Insights into Retail Trends

3. SWOT Fusion Workshop: A Deep Dive into Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

4. Sparkling Growth Insights Lab: Collaborative Creation of 7 Actionable Insights for Success in Digital Times