Leverages for successful store spaces

How to use Pareto 80/20 analysis for the success of a retail store?

Turn shopper psychology and in-store customer behaviour patterns
into sustainable value for customers

How do you generate and implement growth opportunities for physical
stores when everyone is shopping on internet?

3 main mistakes regional, midsize and smaller store chains make in retail
space – and how to get rid of them!

Build good planograms please the customers and increase shopping basket

What key KPIs provide you with a clear picture of a store success?

How do you distribute clear instructions to retail stores and use
feedback loop for automatization of regular tasks?

Why consumer decision tree makes such a great tool that links customer
expectations with your retail strategy

types of workshops

Want to leverage your retail store success by tactical store space and design improvements?


Need answers regarding specific store layouts and planogram issues?

CONSULTING or mixed consulting & analytics packages

Want to generate actionable insights for store space transformation?

PACKAGE of analytics, training and consulting

We’re already on the way. We want to transform our physical stores for lower inventory, more sustainable sales, and space flexibility!

WORKSHOP that transforms your store space: from store concept fo action plan for a pilot store

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  2. If you’d want to proceed with leverages, we will usually start with an assessment of the situation and your expectations. Then we prepare a roadmap suitable for you.