Simon Hernaus

Simon Hernaus


Conducted first planogram and category management projects for Coca-Cola in the Adriatic region. So I’ve learned not only from best practices but from firsthand experience: how to make a first step in complex projects, collect data, choose the right metrics, understand shopper behavior, comply with KAM department objectives and also pitch the projects to the retail clients.

Eventually, the test projects became best practices. Hopefully, a little more. With one of the initial retail clients, we ended up with a full category management department and over 200 category management projects. The success of the projects? Value, volume, incidence, traffic, amount? Yes, all measured. But the most sustainable metric is the ability to maintain long-turn relationships and regularly create new business value.

Developed modular store layouts for a major convenience store retailer (400 stores). So I’m convinced I know a thing or two about analysis, assortment, sales to space, promotional areas and customer traffic flows – not to mention steering the process towards a solution. But still, I believe the hard variables should be filled with soft stuff: the concept, the unique selling proposition, the idea of value for the customer. Ask me what “every store is a story” means, I’ll be glad to share it with you.

Advising Management Boards of CPG companies and retailers on how to unlock customer behavior to achieve their goals (using eye-tracking & loyalty card mining & RFID technology & other measurement tools – neuromarketing techniques included).

I am an avid reader. As a published, nationally awarded, book author, I am also devoted to creating compelling content. Stories are not for kids only. Storytelling is a precious tool in the fact-based environment also! Even stores are stories and brands are deeply rooted in human emotions – when they are good (and they should be!).

Through the years and projects, I’ve begun to develop my own methods for optimizing and innovating most easily spread around by blogs, articles, consulting, courses, workshops.

In year 2022, my special focus goes to:

  • Preparing strategies for digitalization of physical stores: Omni-channel undestanding of the shopper decision-making process and impact digitalization has on inventory, assortment and choice
  • How to react to inflationary facts & expectations
  • Developing workshops as great organisational and learning tools that help teams achieve the goals
  • Finding the right balance between quick wins and long-term retail strategy for added value

All combined, I am here to listen & learn. I’d be glad to help you strengthen your valuable business game.