Challenge For The Marketers

Challenge For The Marketers
May 14, 2018 Omnibus

“© Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons)”

Imagine the situation. All these girls want to win the pop song contest. And one of them approached YOU to prepare her for the challenge. OK? But the girl who would like your help is not the one in the top lef corner, not the one in the middle neither the one with the curved upper lip. Which one then? The one in the lower left corner of the picture!

Uhm, she? Uhm, perhaps … we could do something out of her if she had a moving voice of a Montserrat Cabale or Adele or Aretha Franklin?

Sorry, no, she doesn’t have that.

What then? What would you suggest her as a professional? Perhaps, to come back later? To hide her figure and dress big, and, of course, dress in black? To find a different channel and avoid pop music at all? In one word: to hide her traits as much as possible!

As a matter of fact – according to the interview published in Independent – all of the above has been suggested to her. By many – professionals included – actually.

But the girl – as we now all know, her name is Netta – didn’t listen. And someone – oh, not at all lazy marketer! – stood by her. And added silly chicken dance plus a #pokemon iconography plus a good pinch of #MeToo attitude to the formula.

And then Netta turned people (that don’t really feel any natural inclination towards former Israeli Defense Forces draftees) into fervent supporters and then she got 317 points in televoting and then — she won the #Eurovision contest!

How? By not listening to the lazy marketers who wanted to change her into something she isn’t! By not hiding her traits but building on them! By defying the odds.

So here is the little Netta challenge for the marketers.

Who are we as professionals?

The ones suggesting her to hide behind »loose dresses« and »black colors«


the ones that could appreciate what’s beautiful and peculiar and different in products & customers & people – our Netta’s – that surround us?



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