Innovation Interview on Code & Culture Podcast

Innovation Interview on Code & Culture Podcast
December 10, 2023 Omnibus

“Innovation is a risk. And the risk is not something to be avoided, rather something we should accept.”

“Still, the probability that you will succeed in innovation is better if you make some steps in the right direction, if you consciously seek opportunities for new needs. Or, you can wait, but that’s a lottery, and I don’t believe in the lottery. I don’t believe in overnight success. You should consciously seek new opportunities. That’s what I believe. Peter Drucker, one of the management gurus, or godfathers of management science, was very clear about it: innovation is something that could be taught and could be learned and something you could improve.”

That’s an excerpt of the innovation conversation I had with Luka Pregelj, a successful tech entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Quantifly, software for organizational diagnostics.

As a host, he invited me to join him at Season 2 of Code & Culture podcast where we discussed corporate innovation.

The conversation explores the nuances of fostering innovation within organization, emphasizing balance between creative and analytical thinking in ideation.

You can listen to the whole podcast following this link: From Idea to MVP.


Listen to find the answers like:

  • Why Novak Đoković proves that our excuses about not having time for innovation are much riskier than the risks of innovation itself!
  • Why our school system based on rewarding “the right answers” is such a threat to innovation and what can we do to overcome the trap?
  • How should a top manager prepare for a first meeting with a monstrous – like me – innovation consultant?

One more quote from the interview:

“We don’t have to be childish. But awakening our inner child – no matter how old we are – is an important step towards longevity & constant innovation.”

The Code & Culture Podcast stands at the intersection of technology, HR strategy, and corporate innovation.
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The podcast interview is a deep dive into the intricacies of innovation in corporate settings and personal endeavors, offering valuable insights for anyone looking to foster a culture of innovation in their organization.

Here are key insights:

  • Strategic Role of Innovation: With host we discussed the importance of innovation in both personal and organizational contexts. Empasis: innovation is not just about creativity, but also about applying that creativity to produce something valuable for different people or clients.
  • Systematic Approach to Innovation: The podcast highlights that innovation should be a systematic process. It’s not just about having creative ideas but also about having a structured approach to turn those ideas into actionable projects or products.
  • Balancing Creativity and Analysis: There is a significant focus on the balance between creative and analytical thinking. Simon discusses the need for both ideation without limits and the critical evaluation of ideas to filter and decide which ones are viable.
  • Corporate vs. Personal Innovation: The difference in innovation at a personal level versus an organizational level is discussed. In personal innovation, the financial investment and scale might be smaller, but corporate innovation requires a more substantial commitment and often a bolder approach.
  • Innovation Culture: The podcast stresses the importance of creating a culture of innovation within organizations. This involves encouraging open communication, psychological safety, and a willingness to experiment and make mistakes.
  • Role of Leadership in Innovation: Leadership plays a crucial role in fostering an environment conducive to innovation. Leaders need to be open, humble, and willing to engage with different levels of the organization to encourage innovative thinking.
  • Innovation as a Continuous Process: Innovation is not a one-time event but a continuous process. Companies that fail to innovate risk falling behind in the competitive market.
  • Methodologies for Innovation: The concept of “creative algorithms,” a methodological approach that combines different steps from chaotic brainstorming to analytical decision-making.
  • Recognizing the Need for Innovation: The discussion includes recognizing triggers for innovation in organizations, emphasizing that the need for innovation is continuous and essential for survival and growth.
  • Challenges in the Innovation Process: Simon shares insights into common challenges and pitfalls in the innovation process, such as aligning expectations, overcoming old habits, and ensuring the viability of new ideas or products.

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