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Innovations and optimizations need balance – right sequence of steps, creative collaboration environment, and the solid, strong wind provided by proven techniques. Plus the roadmap!

Omnibus’ workshops, courses and content
are here to HELP YOU and your teams sail over the troubled waters of market overhaul, embrace obstacles, learn from them and turn your hidden potential into SUCCESSFUL projects.

Dig out your key competitive advantage and sail
– CPG ships all the way to the new category,
– physical retailers ships all the way to the
successful stores that increase customer satisfaction.

Sail with us over turbulent market seas towards FRESH GROWTH.


Leverage our Training & Workshops for getting over troubled seas of retail projects and innovations. Get incremental growth and added business value.


Balance Data & Creativity for success. The road out of innovation darkness needs the right blend of data analysis, research and creative inputs. Creative data insights!


Know-how is like a container for the water. Without it it might get spilled. Actionable insights, experience and dedication as a booster for your fresh growth and business value.