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Swift Category Management Workshop

12 key retail challenges

What you need to know about flexible category management for physical retailing in digital times.


Workshop for retailers & suppliers.

Time to refresh & upgrade your knowledge.
Play, ask, try, make, fail, improve & gain lasting power - knowledge.

Planograms 2.0

Test Your Pilot Store with Smart Layouts

Let space breathe.
Power up vital categories.
Balance your store and connect it with customers.

Prisma launch
in South East Europe.



Sure, it’s a mad retail race.

Why not stay calm,
declutter the mess & get in the rhythm
together with Omnibus?

During the last 20+ years I’ve carried out different roles on the retail stage – as a format developer for convenience stores of the biggest company in Slovenia, category and channel manager and planogram pioneer at Coca-Cola, a consultant for new retail business models, and a critical customer with an inclination for sustainable products – I have encountered the fast turnover of almost everything taken for granted in yesterday’s retail.

Omnibus was created to help organizations – retailers, suppliers, niche players – sail through changing waters. With all the new tools available, digital blending with traditional, online exploding, long tail of internet supply, changed customer perceptions, new habits, millennials taking over etc. Omnibus is here to point out the essential, extend your knowledge, and help you in playing your own retail game successfully. Why not enjoy the waves of change?

Know your customer. Simplify.
Focus on 7 vital points (yes, like 7 chakras!) to
generate point-of-sale success.

Use the right tools to measure, learn & improve. Spice metrics with poweful tool of human imagination.
Leverage own resources with outstanding partner services.

Get your retail power from the hidden core of all your sources: let your efforts be in Brandsync – in sync with your brand vibration. Play your own retail game.

Know Your Customer

It’s the world of the metrics. But this shouldn’t blind you.

Knowing the customer means much more than collecting ever-increasing oceans of big data.

Knowing your customer by understanding their needs, connecting with them and engaging them with your products, services, stores.

Also putting the latest findings of neuroscience at work.

Omnibus would be delighted to help you strengthen the bonds with your customer.

Firstly, we are providing innovative research executed in the in-store environment, blending big & small data and helping you find the right actionable insights.

Also, don’t overlook our workshops centered on specific topics regarding customers behavior in the retail environment. Tailoring for your in-store environment possible!

Point-Of-Sale Success

Point-of-sale is the moment of truth.

It’s exactly there where all your retail efforts converge and either engage the customer in accepting your offer or not.

Whether you are a retailer,  CPG company or a supplier of craft products the 5 measurable elements for point-of-sale success are: price, promotion, assortment, space, and communication. They all have to do with the customer perception and directly connect to your point-of-sale success.

Omnibus can help you strengthen the above capabilities by combining best practices, insights and essential theory proven in practical cases. All combined together in playful environment of our courses and workshops.


Use the right tools

Each and everyday the startup society all over the world creates new solutions.

Many of them are aimed at retail environment. Yes, it’s almost like a digital tsunami where there is almost impossible to see right from wrong.

But let that don’t stop you from using them.

Smartly leveraged cloud-based services will not only positively impact your business value but provide a sensible network that guards you in the world of very fast changes.

Let the startup energy rejuvenate your retail spirits!

Omnibus is here to sift through the solutions, find the right ones for your specific business needs and help you connect them with business value.

Brand Sync

The traditional Chinese medicine knows that special sensitive points serve as the nodes for the whole body. These parts connect all the others – they are vital.

In the years of conducting projects with different organisations, I have learned that it’s similar in the retail. If you focus on the right capabilities and build on them, the impact will spread across the whole organization.

It’s a hidden force waiting to be unleashed in every organization. Also, one of the most powerful sources of energy your retail business might experience.

Our reverse engineering method can help you 1) unleash the brand energy and 2) synchronize it with your future retail plans.